FreeCAD 9.0

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FreeCAD is a very good program for computer-assisted design, with a multitude of practical applications.

FreeCAD is a computer-assisted design program aimed at 3D, which includes all the basic functions and ability to simulate advanced movements. It is the ideal tool for students and professionals in diverse scientific sectors.

With this program users can create and manipulate ensembles of different pieces. The pieces are solid 3D bodies, which can be connected together using joins, unions, constants, contact, motors, force, gravity, etc. Both the pieces and the connections define the structure, the mechanism or the machine with which you are working. In FreeCAD it is also possible to simulate the dynamic behaviour of the system via animations.

FreeCAD is very useful for studying and working in various fields: geometry, cinema, dynamics, vibrations, coupling, cameras, industrial machine design and physics.


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